Our journey begins with the analysis of the “major moments”: ceremony, aperitif, dinner, cake cutting and party.

each of these moments embodies very different sensations.

the role of music is to enhance emotions.

in a more advanced stage of the planning we’ll take care of transitions, small moments such as entrances, speeches, interventions that complete the day’s program.

Preparation is key.

we give unlimited availability to discuss and review together the plan, songs, atmospheres

and the whole setup before the big day.

ceremony soundtrack

here we aim to find and define the most suited performances for the service.

Whether it is a religious, classical, symbolic or easy ceremony, music is an integral part and plays a fundamental role.

Everything is designed to best represent the newlyweds.

Strings, piano, acoustic guitar or songs playback, everything is always coordinated by our sound direction, as it happens in a movie.

Entrances, vows, rings and exits are the most important moments which are enhanced by songs and notes that we define together.

The creative process is shared and everything is done together with the newlyweds, the celebrant, wedding planner, venue and anyone involved in the organization.


the right balance between background and entertainment.

the aperitif is the beginning of the party, the first moment after the ceremony.

strong emotions leave room to a more relaxed vibes.

a glass of prosecco and something to eat, a walk thorugh the venue, pictures, talks and laughters. in this moment music must have an important but not intrusive presence.

There are many solutions, depending on the touch you desire.

from jazz performed live, through acoustic bands, solo artists with guitar and voice or even DJs, sax and percussions.


The perfect time to have good background music in tune with the general mood of the event.

we prepare customized selections for the moment you sit at the table with your loved ones.

depending on the duration of the service we can plan live interventions, entertaining acts and much more.

coordination with the catering is fundamental to manage musical moments, speeches and everything that is scheduled in this stage of the event.

cake cut

the last “duty” before the party.

a highly symbolic, emotional moment with a strong scenographic impact.

something that will remain imprinted forever.

Our musical director is always present to manage songs playback or live performances.

the moment is indicated for the use of special effects such as cold pyrotechnic fountains to make everything more magical.

party time

every moment is studied in detail, even the final party. we have a tool called “party form”, it allows us to collect specific information about your tastes, favorite songs, sound and atmosphere best suited to you and your guests when it comes to the dancefloor.

we share suggestions through playlists and other contents to give an idea of ​​what it will be like, always keeping in mind that every party is unique and we want to tailor it together.

our DJs are industry professionals with years of experience in clubs in Piedmont and Northern Italy, in private and corporate events and Italian and international weddings.

We find the best resource within our team based on the style to give to the party.

the approach is the one you see in nightclubs: powerful sound systems and speakers, lights and effects, songs to make everyone dance and leave no one out of  the celebrations.