"Among all pleasures of life, music concedes only to love, but love is also a melody."

- Alexander Puskin

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The Sounds Of Your Life

Why Choose The Soundtrackers

We have the skills, experience, equipment and collaborations to be able to satisfy any type of request: from small to large events.

We are a team and we love to work as a team. We have been in the music scene with passion for 20 years as artists, DJs, producers and event organizers.

Our mission is to bring a new, smart and modern approach to the construction of the soundtrack, working in strong continuity with the mood of the event and giving that added value that only music studied in detail can give.

We like to speak out and get straight to the point. We love to deepen the tastes of those who work with us and find unique and unrepeatable solutions.

they said about us

"Thank you for making our soundtrack absolutely perfect. Thank you for finding a solution to every problem.
Thank you to the whole team for making everything so beautiful and fun."
Cascina Ranverso, Buttigliera Alta (TO) September 2023
"You were great. You helped us create the musical mood and atmosphere we always wanted. You contributed to our dream. So thank you thank you thank you so much!"
Giardini La Pergola, Alessandria (AL) September 2023
"Thanks guys! You were fantastic! It was a dream! While I was getting ready, romantic music came from the window that calmed me down a lot. Perfect dinner and the party, the party...you were explosive!"
Castello di Tassara, Tassara (PC), July 2022
"Guys, Alby and I don't know where to start, but we want to thank you very much. Everything was perfect, it felt like living a dream."
Tenuta La Michelina, Pinerolo (TO) July 2022
Our wedding would not have been the same if we hadn't turned to the Soundtrackers: they took care of everything down to the smallest detail with unrivaled professionalism and empathy. They followed and advised us in an exceptional way, they are two great professionals and they allowed us to have the most beautiful party of our life!
Tenuta Ceccucci, Morlupo (RM) June 2022
A wedding is characterized by a good atmosphere and this can be achieved with suitable music. With Edo and Luca, we have absolutely succeeded in doing this. We are overjoyed to have found someone who accompanied our wedding perfectly musically. Every special moment was hit on the spot. We would like to thank you again for this
Chahinez & Alex
Castello di Zoagli (GE), 31/08/2021
"We were followed through and through with the right music at every moment of the party. Tireless! Operational from morning until late at night."
Cascina Berzide, July 2019