Music can evoke emotions.

With the the right notes, moments are unforgettable, memories become indelible.

our mission is to bring a new, smart and modern approach to the creation of the wedding soundtrack, building together a unique music experience, from guests arrival at the venue to the party.


your journey starts here

we define together every stage of the day and all is shared with you, the wedding planner, the venue and everyone involved with the organization of the event. each moment is studied in detail under the musical profile to create the best atmosphere, involve and excite you, family, friends and all guests. these are the most important acts in a wedding soundtrack:

• welcoming • Ceremony • Aperitif  • Lunch/Dinner  • Cake Cut • Party •

Djs, bands, performers and gear are located in specific areas of the venue. Each performance requires equipment that is evaluated and determined according to the context and needs. The number of spots can be modified according to logistical needs and is usually defined only after a site inspection. 

Site inspection

flow and Timing

Sounds and atmospheres

artists and performances

audio and lights equipment

licensing and permits

backup plans